Why ciaobasta?

The Idea of Ciaobasta.

Ciaobasta in Italian means hi is enough, with the sense of making the conversation informal.

The idea of ciaobasta came by chance one day during my internship in the Netherlands. I was realizing a video shooting for a showcase  and I had the chance to interview Michiel Buitelaar, digital guru of Sanoma Media, one of the biggest publisher in the Netherlands. While I was dressed up like a penguin and very nervous about the interview, Michel was wearing a t-shirt and short pants.

“The ideas come easily if we make it informal.” He said. At that point I thought, hi is enough, ciao basta.

Ciaobasta tells the stories of young and ever-young entrepreneurs in an informal way.


Ciaobasta has the objective to make the conversation informal, to bring example to the young generations to make their lives a success for the future. For this reason it will not be used any form as best regards, met vriendelijke groet, distinti saluti etc.. but indeed ciao basta, hi is enough. Ciaobasta, let’s make it informal.

Ciaobasta will be written primarily in English, to get rid of any boundaries and to show that Italians can speak English (or at least they make their best*). The mission is to tell stories, interacting in an informal way with people and build a network of entrepreneurs, professionals and curious to bring expertize and examples of success.

So why Ciaobasta?

For almost all cultures, there is a remark on formal and informal ways to talk with people. In Italy, as well as in other Countries, when you talk to an (adult) person that you don’t know, as it is your boss or the clerk at the post office, you are not supposed to say “ciao” . This salutation is more colloquial and suits for friends. As soon you get familiar with the person you are talking at one point he/she would say “diamoci del tu” which represents the official change from informal and formal ways of speach.

To make it easy, here it comes: ciao basta, hi is enough.

You will read the interesting stories written in an informal way (and of course with typos and English mistakes), but these stories are more an advice from a friend and I hope you will use it as example or just to be pleased to know something from different perspectives.
For stories of entrepreneurs and their winning ideas, see section interesting stories .

Little stories, for entrepreneurs inspiration, happen (almost) daily. See section for entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurs, interesting stories and impact quotes.

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Riccardo Guggiola ciaobasta ciao basta

Riccardo Guggiola


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*ciaobasta is written by an Italian, forgive him the English mistakes.


Startups, entrepreneurs, ideas. Let’s make it informal.

ciaobasta. ciao basta.

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    *ciaobasta is written and founded by an Italian, Riccardo, forgive him the English mistakes.
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