What space is still left for paper in this future of Mobile Devices? Let advertising explain it to you

emma le trefle ciao basta ciaobasta

Mobile devices can do everything. But don’t say that they will replace “paper”. Enough to say tha they even use this commercial in marketing lectures in univeristies. Are you the kind of person that a battery last for half a day, are you doing literally everything with your mobile phone, but you feel nostalgic of … Continue reading

Matteo Di Pascale, the creative tools for creativity. Founder of Intuiti Creative Cards.

Matteo Di Pascale Ciao Basta Ciaobasta

The interesting stories of young entrepreneurs. Matteo Di Pascale #06 The creative tools for Creativity. Founder of Intúiti, Creative Cards. Matteo is an enthusiastic designer from Italy who realized the dream of founding a company with the help of crowdfunding. Intúiti stimulates the creativity of the users. Intùiti is a mobile app for smartphone and … Continue reading

Top 5 Inspiration Commercials At The Amsterdam Event The Source Presents

The Source Presents film showcase Amsterdam Ciao basta

The Source Present: a showcase of commercials and short movies from London screens to Amsterdam. A selection of films presented by SourceEcreative, in collaboration with FinchFactor.  Amsterdam, Pakhuis de Zwijger, 31 January 2013. The Source Presents is an initiative that combines work from signed and unsigned directors from around the world, as well as extra presentations from … Continue reading

My favourite commercial ever

Audi Quattro

Concise and unforgettable. When just few words are enough to express precisely the idea of power. In the most difficult environment just few creatures are able to make it. Hey Granpa Eskimo, do you think I can make it anyways in the snow with my city bike? This commercial was released for Audi Quattro US … Continue reading

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