Lizeila Martijn the wine taste of exotic dog kellog ciao basta

Lizeila Martijn, the wine taste of exotic. Founder of L’Vine

The interesting stories of young entrepreneurs. Lizeila Martijn #05 The wine taste of exotic, founder of L’ Lizeila founded one of the best companies in all the Netherlands for the importation of premium Romanian wines.  Her professionalism, approach and spirit is what makes the company one of the best. Her customers are famous restaurants, wine … Continue reading

Jhon Wanamaker Advertising half is wasted ciao basta

Measuring the Digital Media. Introducing the DMA, Digital Media Auditing.

DMA stands for Digital Media Auditing. Measuring digital advertising, showing the true value of the media spend. The entrepreneur John Wanamaker was saying long time ago:  “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Jhon, I think we found a solution, –at least in the digital … Continue reading

Startup Europe US Dilemma Puzzle

Startups in Europe or in the U.S. Advantages and Disadvantages

Where startups can grow better? The current situation suggests the Silicon Valley as the favorite environment for growth, but entrepreneurs should consider advantages that Europe offers in order to open startups in selected EU countries. The relationship between Europe and the U.S. is solid. It accounts half of the global GDP and one third of … Continue reading

infographic entrepreneurs

Infographic Top 10 Winning Attitudes of Young Entrepreneurs

Tips&Tricks: How to build your startup with the right approach. Here’s an Infographic  that entreprenuers must not miss. Attention! This inphographic contains an Impact Quote Ciaobasta. Startups, young entrepreneurs, ideas. Let’s make an infographic informal. Ciao basta, Ciaobasta! Tweet

Whurley the Evil Genius Ciaobasta

Whurley the Evil Genius Co- Founder of Chaotic Moon

The Interesting Stories of entrepreneurs. Whurley, William Hurley #04 The Evil Genius Co- Founder of Chaotic Moon One of the most relevant creative minds for technology, mobile and everything that could bring innovation. “Don’t confuse progress and motion.“ Whurley, American, born in 1971 The Impact Quote (?), is a standard of Less than 10 … Continue reading

The real revolution ciaobasta

Five Tips to Make Yourself Unique

Are you sure to be unique? In this contemporary society there are too many fads. Five tips  to make yourself unique. 1. Before buying an  iPhone 5, think if it really makes you unique. I am not against mobile devices, I am against iPhone 5. You really need it? What do you have to do … Continue reading

Mobile Marketing ciao basta ciaobasta

Mobile Marketing and Entrepreneurs at the Global BDN Event Amsterdam

Sander Munsterman, mobile expert, CEO & Co-Founder of XS2TheWorld, told his incredible story of success and entrepreneurship. Like the best stories, the ideas were developed in a basement.  XS2 the World is a mobile marketing leader in the Netherlands and Internationally, with offices spread all over Europe and Asia. Amsterdam, 3 December 2012. Mobile Marketing … Continue reading

Gherardo Liguori the insight for every student ciaobasta ciao basta

Gherardo Liguori The Insight For Every Student Founder of Academic Insight

The Interesting Stories of Young Entrepreneurs. Gherardo Liguori #03 The Insight For Every Student Founder of Academic Insight The student who built up one of the most relevant networks for academic experiences. Gherardo is more than a young entrepreneur, he is a dreamer. He has an interesting story to tell to all of us and he … Continue reading

MOvember results donations ciaobasta ciao basta

Movember 2012 Team Ciaobasta Results of Donations Thanks

The Results of Donations for Movember 2012. Thanks all for the donations for Team Ciaobasta. Team Ciaobasta  participated to Movember Netherlands. We organized the Movember Weekend Amsterdam. We raised money for a total amount of 157 Euros. Thanks all for the donations. All the money collected are going to the Dutch Cancer Institute – Antoni … Continue reading

ciaobasta movember logo amsterdam

Movember Weekend Amsterdam team Ciaobasta

Movember is November with the Moustache. Team Ciaobasta is participating to Movember Netherlands. We organized the Movember Weekend Amsterdam. Please support us, visit  Team ciaobasta Movember. We do it for fun but it’s a serious matter. All the donations all donations benefit prostate cancer research at the Dutch Cancer Institute – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital (NKI-AVL). … Continue reading

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