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Riccardo Guggiola Ciaobasta Ciao Basta

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“The lazy is not amazing.”

The Impact Quote (?), is a standard of

Less than 10 words without using the letter of the initial name.

Riccardo Guggiola ciaobasta ciao basta

In the picture above you see me eating a focaccina. This can be the picture that can represent me: always hungry and enthusiastic, even for the simple things in life.

I was born in 1988. I am Italian from a little village (Robbio) in the countryside of Milan. 

I have moved to Amsterdam in 2012 for starting my career into the digital marketing field, and big news are soon to be announced.

Some of my work as Mad About Advertising.

I was passionate about advertising since when I was little. I now became a sort of “geek” for the digital advertising because it represents a great potential to serve the right announcements to the right people, and don’t bother them too much.

Digital Marketing: welcome to the Acronym Jungle of Digital Advertising. In the so called digital advertising ecosystem, almost every day, they come up with new acronyms such as RTB SSPs etc. It is an acronym jungle.

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Inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm.

I developed a strong fantasy over the years. As a child, I was watching more commercial breaks than movies. As every child, I liked cartoons as well. My favourite cartoon character is Wile E. Coyote. Beacuse he represents the brilliant mind who never gives up.

wile e coyote road runner ciao basta ciaobasta My passion for digital advertising  came out very quickly, I started my career in Amsterdam at Improve Digital in Amsterdam.  Soon I discovered that the online advertising is a fantastic world full of things to discover. Really interesting environment if you are passionate,  like me, of advertising merged with technology.

I’ve founded Lens Communication, a marketing consultancy company, working closely to Programmatic Advertising and RTB(Real Time Bidding).

I’m also founder and coach at  Lens.Academy, where we train professionals and post-grad students on digital media and digital advertising, with focus on Programmatic Advertising.

I studied in Milano, at Accademia di Comunicazione for a master in marketing and business management. I have been twice abroad as international student during my bachelor studies at University of Pavia. I spent one semester for an Erasmus study program in Gotheborg, Sweden and other 6 months at  USI (University of Southern Indiana)  (IN), USA with a scolarship.

I’m very bad in playing soccer, wired for being an Italian. I like better swimming and cycling.

I am enthusiastic and curious.  Every day I like to learn something new from the world. True story: before sleeping, I write down in my agenda what I have learned during the day.

The idea of ciaobasta came by chance one day during my internship. I was realizing a case study and I interviewed Michiel Buitelaar, digital guru of Sanoma Media, one of the biggest publisher in the Netherlands. While I was dressed up like a penguin and very nervous about the interview, Michel was wearing a t-shirt and short pants.  

“The ideas come easily if we make it informal.” He said.

At that point I thought, hi is enough, ciao basta.

All the post indeed will end with ciaobasta. Let’s make it informal.


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