7 fields digital will drive innovation in 2016


  How digital will evolve in 2016? Digital is changing the relationship between human and machines, the main driver is the final user. Thanks to the users’ feedbacks, technologies will develop to become easy to use to everyone. Let’s see 7 areas where these changes will happen, leading businesses to digital innovation. 1. Digital technologies for … Continue reading

Welcome to the incredible world of Appsterdam

Appsterdam Events ciaobasta Ciao Basta

Appsterdam: the best place in the world to be and become an App Maker. Amsterdam set the stage for Appsterdam, a city within the city. Its citizens are software developers, as well as business developers, designers, and managers with an extraordinary mayor and founder. If you want to make movies, go to Hollywood. If you want to … Continue reading

Matteo Di Pascale, the creative tools for creativity. Founder of Intuiti Creative Cards.

Matteo Di Pascale Ciao Basta Ciaobasta

The interesting stories of young entrepreneurs. Matteo Di Pascale #06 The creative tools for Creativity. Founder of Intúiti, Creative Cards. Matteo is an enthusiastic designer from Italy who realized the dream of founding a company with the help of crowdfunding. Intúiti stimulates the creativity of the users. Intùiti is a mobile app for smartphone and … Continue reading

Lizeila Martijn, the wine taste of exotic. Founder of L’Vine

Lizeila Martijn the wine taste of exotic dog kellog ciao basta

The interesting stories of young entrepreneurs. Lizeila Martijn #05 The wine taste of exotic, founder of L’vine.nl Lizeila founded one of the best companies in all the Netherlands for the importation of premium Romanian wines.  Her professionalism, approach and spirit is what makes the company one of the best. Her customers are famous restaurants, wine … Continue reading

Whurley the Evil Genius Co- Founder of Chaotic Moon

Whurley the Evil Genius Ciaobasta

The Interesting Stories of entrepreneurs. Whurley, William Hurley #04 The Evil Genius Co- Founder of Chaotic Moon One of the most relevant creative minds for technology, mobile and everything that could bring innovation. “Don’t confuse progress and motion.“ Whurley, American, born in 1971 The Impact Quote (?), is a standard of ciaobasta.com Less than 10 … Continue reading

Gherardo Liguori The Insight For Every Student Founder of Academic Insight

Gherardo Liguori the insight for every student ciaobasta ciao basta

The Interesting Stories of Young Entrepreneurs. Gherardo Liguori #03 The Insight For Every Student Founder of Academic Insight The student who built up one of the most relevant networks for academic experiences. Gherardo is more than a young entrepreneur, he is a dreamer. He has an interesting story to tell to all of us and he … Continue reading

Lotte Maas The Pop-Up Hairstylist Founder of GoodOldFashion

Lotte GoodOldFashion Basis Ciaobasta

The interesting stories of young entrepreneurs. Lotte Maas #02 The Pop-Up Hairstylist Founder of GoodOldFashion.nl and creator of a new concept of hairstylist The artist who is chasing her dream with her unique style. Every young entrepreneur has an interesting story. My second story is the perfect example of a young entrepreneur who merges creative ideas with style. … Continue reading

Luca Brighenti The Business Soul Founder of YesDoc&Docto

The interesting stories of young entrepreneurs. Luca Brighenti #01 The Business Soul Founder of YesDoc&Docto The young man who will probably revolutionize the health care system. Luca, a young account assistant for the advertising agency JWT, of WWP group. Besides our same age and the common interests for exploring the world and marketing, Luca has a proper entrepreneur … Continue reading

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