Digital Advertising is an Acronym Jungle. Clarifying RTB, SSPs etc.

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Welcome to the Acronym Jungle of Digital Advertising.

In the so called digital advertising ecosystem, almost every day, they come up with new acronyms such as RTB SSPs etc. It is an acronym jungle.

This presentation is made in order to understand better what is RTB and what are the dynamics of selling (and buying) digital advertising in 2013, from a publisher perspective.

Ciaobasta is an informal blog that talks about entrepreneurs and startups, but it is mad about advertising, and it is able to be a valuable advice for future and present trends that entrepreneurs and marketers must not miss. Enjoy !

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The currency of trading ads is impressions, the result of the cost of the vary ways of buying is  eCPM (effective cost per mille), the cost that refers to showing 1.000 impressions in web pages, not to misunderstand with unique users.

Packages of ads, or better, campaigns, are sold and bought by different actors in the so called Ad Ecosystem. One of the uprising methods to that allow an advertiser (there is a lot of actors missing in this explaination) to buy the inventory that a publisher has available is indeed RTB.  

RTB is an auction where a demand partner (advertiser) decides in real time the price is willing to pay for a certain impression based on specific requirements. On the other side the publisher tries to maximize the revenue coming from that impression by introducing a set of principles and a floor price under which the demand partner cannot participate.

The Acronym Jungle of the Advertising Ecosystem

See what they said at RTB round table at IAB Italy.

See what is RTB in the previous post, What is RTB?


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