Five Tips to Make Yourself Unique

The real revolution ciaobasta

Are you sure to be unique?

In this contemporary society there are too many fads. Five tips  to make yourself unique.

Tips unique cioaobasta ciao basta Impact 1. Before buying an  iPhone 5, think if it really makes you unique.

I am not against mobile devices, I am against iPhone 5. You really need it? What do you have to do NASA calculation with 64 GB and a processor faster than a Ferrari? It’s like buying a sporting car an drive it every time at 50 km/h.

Or if you already (eh, ahimè…) have an iPhone, can’t your former one play the the same apps with the sofware upgrade?

In 2011 when I bought my smarphone (proudly Samsung/Android supporter) people were saying to me a 4,3 inch screen was too big – That’s what she said-. The brand new product of Apple has now a 4 inch screen saying that a larger screen is better.

That company is revealing reveling a secret that they all marketers want to keep hidden, planned obsolence, Apple has great products that last forever, but marketing push customers to buy stuff they don’t need.


2. Build up an Impact quote (?), stronger than a motto.

For motivating you and giving you energy you take out your motto. You can use your motto when you are asked to. True story.

An impact is something that stays in mind of the people, and maybe in a future they will remember you as the person who was always saying “…your impact quote…”.

Maximum 10 words, and no initial letter of your name.

impcat ciaobasta ciao basta

An impact is something that you have to find out by yourself. It’s very easy:

 Think about your values,

Take out the words containing your initial letter of first name

Shrink it in 10 words.

The impact quote is served.

3. Build your own character. Don’t wait the bucket list.

Make an a quick exercise of uniqueness: build your to do list before turning 30.

What have you always dreamt about? Are you realizing that?

Be unique and not awkward. Your ideas will be shining and come out of your mind.

You can find the reason of this picture hereby in the interesting stories and of Lotte Maas, the pop up hairstylist.

 Shave hair and take a pic with Buddha ciaobasta

4. Maintain the promises you do.

Have strong values, this does not mean that you cannot lie:), but  do not cheat on people or disappoint them.

It is just that if you say something you mean it and you have to maintain it. It is a contract with yourself. Trust me I learned it from a friend and it really works. You gain more confidence with yourself and it guarantees you uniqueness.

5. Distinguish yourself with a relevant particularity.

It can be a watch, a sport you practice, a sentence or even an hair cut or a tatoo. But it has to be something you decide and is not following a fad. Do you see someone unique in this picture?

make yourself unique ciaobasta ciao basta

This doesn’t mean you have to look crazy. Investors would be skeptic in beleiving your ideas. You just have to be relevant so you will be remembered.

Show up your’re unique!


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