Mobile Marketing and Entrepreneurs at the Global BDN Event Amsterdam

Mobile Marketing ciao basta ciaobasta

Sander Munsterman, mobile expert, CEO & Co-Founder of XS2TheWorld, told his incredible story of success and entrepreneurship.

Like the best stories, the ideas were developed in a basement.  XS2 the World is a mobile marketing leader in the Netherlands and Internationally, with offices spread all over Europe and Asia.

Amsterdam, 3 December 2012.

Mobile Marketing & Entrepreneurship at the Global BDN Event in Amsterdam.

Guest Speaker:  Sander Munsterman, CEO & Co-Founder of XS2TheWorld

At the Global BDN event, the entrepreneur who founded the mobile marketing company XS2TheWorld (XS2) in 2007. XS2 has just celebrated its 5-year anniversary, making it one of the ‘older’ companies in mobile.

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Were you there? See the photo Gallery here.

The story of the company started in a basement – sounds familiar no? – well, actually the story needs a step backward.

N70 ciaobasta ciao bastaEverything started after in China. There, Sander approached the venture of  mobile when it was not smartphone yet.

Chinese is not of the easiest languages to speak, so how could he make himself understand when he was over there? He recorded some Chinese basic sentences, collected them together and developed an ” app “ for one of the Nokia N 70 ( how many of you remember the picture 0n the left?).

The Idea was so successful that soon he got the attention of the local media. Sander decided to come back to the Netherlands and that company in the basement, has now International clients and a portfolio of innovations.

Sander is currently focused on Business Development for new and emerging areas. He is doing consultancy in mobile marketing, advertising and media and helps companies & brands develop a mobile strategy. He resides in Amsterdam but frequently speaks about Mobile Marketing and Connected Media around the globe.

The innovations we could expect in the future

Sander gave his vision on where Mobile Marketing is heading in the coming years.

The future of Mobile will be super interesting, I see the progress also as an advertiser, and there are many potentials that are still unexplored. Mobile devices will also help progress, like this application designed for blind people, which allows them to play soccer.

Mobile devices will for sure change our lives, there is going to be also an application that tells when your fridge is empty and what you need to buy when you are at the supermarket.

On another perspective, don’t text and walk at the same time, why?

Success Sander, see you at the next event.
About the global BDN

Global BDN connects Dutch and International entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals to share inspiration, network and ideas. The event is primarily about you; networking in a relaxed and informal setting in the heart of Amsterdam with entrepreneurs and internationals from all backgrounds.

The events of Global BDN Amsterdam are organized by

Wessel Koning , entrepreneur, AmsterdamDance & Global BDN

Wessel Van Eeden , entrepreneur and co-founder of AmsterdamDance

To know more about the Global BDN, you can visit the web site or join the discussion group on Linkedin

Looking for participating at the Global BDN events in Amsterdam? Join Us! 

See past events of Global BDN here


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