Digital Advertising is an Acronym Jungle. Clarifying RTB, SSPs etc.

Display Advertising Acronym Jungle Ciaobasta Ciao Basta

Welcome to the Acronym Jungle of Digital Advertising. In the so called digital advertising ecosystem, almost every day, they come up with new acronyms such as RTB SSPs etc. It is an acronym jungle. This presentation is made in order to understand better what is RTB and what are the dynamics of selling (and buying) … Continue reading

Top 5 Inspiration Commercials At The Amsterdam Event The Source Presents

The Source Presents film showcase Amsterdam Ciao basta

The Source Present: a showcase of commercials and short movies from London screens to Amsterdam. A selection of films presented by SourceEcreative, in collaboration with FinchFactor.  Amsterdam, Pakhuis de Zwijger, 31 January 2013. The Source Presents is an initiative that combines work from signed and unsigned directors from around the world, as well as extra presentations from … Continue reading

Measuring the Digital Media. Introducing the DMA, Digital Media Auditing.

Jhon Wanamaker Advertising half is wasted ciao basta

DMA stands for Digital Media Auditing. Measuring digital advertising, showing the true value of the media spend. The entrepreneur John Wanamaker was saying long time ago:  “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Jhon, I think we found a solution, –at least in the digital … Continue reading

The Superpromoter at the Global BDN Event Amsterdam

superpromoter ciaobasta ciao basta

Rijn Vogelaar presents the book about the superpromoters. Building enthusiasm for marketing strategies. At the Global BDN Amsterdam event, the international author and CEO of Blauw Research, inspired the audience with a great presentation about enthusiasm. Amsterdam, November 5, 2012 Rijn Vogelaar, CEO at Blauw Research, started his presentation with a quote by Ralph Waldo … Continue reading

What is RTB? RTB definition and introduction of the interesting world of Automated Trading

Real Time Bidding RTB

What is RTB? RTB stands for Real Time Bidding, it is used in the online market to trade ads in real time. To know more you can read the post as a first lession for the Automated Trading. Little preface This post is getting a little personal. I am mixing my job with my passion. … Continue reading

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