Never heard of Crowdfunding? The real pioneer Pim Betist speaks at the Global BDN Event in Amsterdam

Crowdfounding Pim Betist Glabal BDN event Ciaobasta ciao basta

Pim Betist is a serial entrepreneur and innovator and one of the first to shape crowdfunding. Pim is behind several ventures . He is the founder of  SellaBand, and now leads  Africa Unsigned. His speeches around the world are inspiring many people about the topic related to crowdfunding. Amsterdam, 19  March 2013 Pim Betist  gave a proper shape to … Continue reading

How To Bootstrap Your Business with Online Freelancers. Elance at Global BDN Event in Amsterdam

bootstrap moneybox project ciaobasta ciao basta copy

Steffen Hedebrandt unveils the secrets of a successful project using the “human cloud”. The biggest online freelancers’ network is Elance. A work platform that gives you instant access to a community of over 2 million of the world’s professionals. Amsterdam, 4 February 2013 Where to find good freelancers? Elance is the answer. The Global BDN event gave suggestions … Continue reading

Lizeila Martijn, the wine taste of exotic. Founder of L’Vine

Lizeila Martijn the wine taste of exotic dog kellog ciao basta

The interesting stories of young entrepreneurs. Lizeila Martijn #05 The wine taste of exotic, founder of L’ Lizeila founded one of the best companies in all the Netherlands for the importation of premium Romanian wines.  Her professionalism, approach and spirit is what makes the company one of the best. Her customers are famous restaurants, wine … Continue reading

Startups in Europe or in the U.S. Advantages and Disadvantages

Startup Europe US Dilemma Puzzle

Where startups can grow better? The current situation suggests the Silicon Valley as the favorite environment for growth, but entrepreneurs should consider advantages that Europe offers in order to open startups in selected EU countries. The relationship between Europe and the U.S. is solid. It accounts half of the global GDP and one third of … Continue reading

Act like a start up Creative Amsterdam Update

Creative Amsterdam Update ciaobasta

Think like a young entrepreneur. Act like a start up. The Creative Amsterdam Update. Event for young entrepreneurs. In recent years, the number of people starting their own company has grown significantly. No matter the economic down-turn, as long as there are people who are able to inspire young minds to build creative ideas that … Continue reading

The Informal Investment at the Global BDN Event, Amsterdam

Global BDN Events ciaobasta

An informal presentation by the co-founder of De Investeerders Club An event organized by the Global BDN, that clarifies the role of Informal Investors with a direct testimoniage. Amsterdam, October 2, 2012. The right place to exchange ideas in a stimulating environment, was where the Global Business Development Network event took place. The picture of … Continue reading

Luca Brighenti The Business Soul Founder of YesDoc&Docto

The interesting stories of young entrepreneurs. Luca Brighenti #01 The Business Soul Founder of YesDoc&Docto The young man who will probably revolutionize the health care system. Luca, a young account assistant for the advertising agency JWT, of WWP group. Besides our same age and the common interests for exploring the world and marketing, Luca has a proper entrepreneur … Continue reading

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